Hello, I'm Derrick Cruz. I made my first Little Stardust Co. pendant for my wife to commemorate the birth of our son. I embedded a slide of one of our baby’s early sonograms in a miniature 160x powered glass lens, then embedded the lens in a gold hexagonal pendant.

A couple of years later, my friend Nick asked me to create a similar piece for his wife upon the birth of their son. As more of our friends and family peered through the pendants and gasped with surprise, we quickly realized that these keepsakes were more intimate and special than the standard “push present” (a term that made us both—and our wives—cringe). The idea for a line of jewelry designed around these tiny, magical lenses—which we named Little Stardust Co. — was born.

In an age when most of our photos are shared far and wide, our goal is to combine age-old technology with contemporary jewelry designs to create intimate, bespoke keepsakes. The possibilities for customizing our pendants are endless: Anything you can fit into an image—be it a treasured photo, a child’s artwork, favorite quote or page of a book—can become a wearable memory you can share as much or as little as you like.

—Derrick Cruz, founder

Derrick Cruz

Little Stardust Co. was created by the artist and jewelry designer Derrick Cruz. Derrick is a Brooklyn-born designer influenced by the intersection of storytelling, craftsmanship, and technology as materialized in the applied arts. He is the founder of Betroth, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons and the influential collective known as Occulter. Cruz is the recipient of several international honors, and his art has been featured at The New York Museum of Art and Design and The Santa Monica Museum of Art, among others. His jewelry has been featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Interview, GQ, Purple, and Rolling Stone, among others. Cruz currently works in Manhattan and is a faculty member at Parson’s New School for Design. Find out more at derrickcruz.com.



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