Our Story

Little Stardust Co. was born out of our wish to commemorate the profound sense of unconditional love we felt when we found we were having our first baby. During Khanh's 28th week sonogram, not only did we confirm our baby's gender, but he looked right at the camera! Naturally, we requested a printout of the image but were dissatisfied with how ordinarily our essential moment was captured – is that fax paper they print on? We're both designers, so this certainly would not do.

Our immediate response was to dig back through Derrick's design archive for ideas on the way to rightly preserve the moment. It turns out that in 2007, Derrick used the 1800's mini lens and microphotographic tech known as Stanhopes to magnify honeybee wings and vintage photos for his A New Hive and Mammoth Razor projects. This was a perfect solution! So we made a lens with a microscopic slide of our son's sonogram and designed a small hexagonal gold pendant to protect it. We later engraved his name and birthdate onto it. As a result, Khanh now has a secretive and stylish way to carry that incredible moment everywhere she goes, and a piece of jewelry that is sure to become a family heirloom.

As our friends and family peered through the pendants and gasped with surprise, the requests started coming in. We then realized that these keepsakes were more intimate and unique than almost anything we owned. So, the idea for a line of jewelry designed around these tiny, magical lenses was born!

In an age when we share our photos in so many ephemeral ways, our goal is to combine Victorian technology, fine materials, and great design to create intimate, bespoke keepsakes. Any image—be it a photo, an artwork, a personal note, or your favorite page of a book—can become a discreet and wearable memento.

We're super excited to share Little Stardust Co. with you and can't wait to see how you'll personalize your favorite designs to create your own future heirlooms.

Kind Regards,
Khanh & Derrick Cruz

Khanh Cruz
Khanh is a digital designer creating immersive and memorable experiences for popular consumer, fashion, and media brands. She's a devoted mother of two with a passion for empowering children with learning disabilities, 80's post-punk, immersive art, travel, and The Real Real. LinkedIn

Derrick Cruz
Derrick is a jewelry designer influenced by the intersection of storytelling and craftsmanship. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Interview Magazine, and Rolling Stone, among others. He is also a faculty member at Parson's New School for Design. Derrick is a devoted dad with a shoegazer heart and a love for hexagons. Portfolio

Khanh and Derrick live in New York City with their two kids, four fish, and three Amano mini shrimp

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