Photographer Jessica Leigh on the Importance of Preserving Life's Fleeting Moments

In the first year of becoming a mother, I realized that the little things - the interactions, the emotions, the routines - were changing so fast.  They were fleeting. I found myself missing them.  I wanted them preserved forever, but all I had were the memories.  I was too exhausted.  Too insecure to capture them.  I felt regret. Regret that I did not stop to preserve them.  Maybe it was the exhaustion in the balancing.  Regret that I did not LIVE them by hiring a documentary family photographer to capture them.  I have iPhone images of some of these memories.  Those do not suffice.  Maybe I was scared of allowing someone to venture into the chaos of our life during that time.  Perhaps I did not know how to embrace it because it felt like a juggling act teetering on breaking.  But now I aim - no, that is the wrong word - I passionately strive to educate families on the importance of these sacred moments.  An acknowledgement that is you transforming, evolving, as a person, a mother, and as a family. – Jessica Leigh

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