• Treasure your favorite photo or text in a tiny microscope you can wear.


Bring one close to your eye to see your secret in astonishing detail.

Our jewelry is a wondrous way to treasure a personal image. Like a secretive locket, each of our pieces conceals a microscopic photograph in a small-but-powerful glass lens. Bring one close to your eye to see your secret in astonishing detail.

A Victorian marvel and future heirloom.

In the late 1800s, microphoto jewelry was used to share sensitive documents and intimate portraits discreetly.  Today, our customizable precious metal designs are perfect for treasuring photos of your nearest and dearest, sonograms, a child’s artwork, a love letter, a mantra, or your favorite page of a book. Or a secret.

"I love my Little Hex. I keep a school photo of my mischievous five year old in it. Of course, he stuck his tongue out at the camera! ;)"

KC., New York, NY